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Relationship Issues

Top Facts about Relationships & Sex

1. On average, couples with children have less than 10 minutes of meaningful conversation each day. It must be possible to multiply this by 10 and have an hour and a half of quality time with arguably the most important person in your life. We bet you probably give more than this to your boss/colleagues/customers!

2. Domestic violence is unacceptable and is shrouded in shame and secrecy. Its damaging effects are not just physical but psychological, particularly with children. Of itself however, domestic violence is usually a symptom rather than a cause of relationship problems. If you know of a couple suffering from this, encourage them to contact a counsellor so they can start working immediately on the underlying problem.

3. Embarking on a long term relationship can be the riskiest thing a young person can do. One has to train to be a working cook, a car driver, or even a competent ballroom dancer. So what makes starting a relationship so casual an event that there are no training packs available? There are now. If you know anyone in this situation, encourage them to see our “New Relationship Skills Advice” pack in the shopping section.

4. Rather than being his proudest possession, the man with the ever ready erect penis may own the biggest obstacle to good sex. It could be his worst enemy.

5. The human bodies largest sexual organ is the brain. By stimulating the brain, erogenous zones are switched on. If your sex life is not all it used to be, give your brain a chance by exposing it to stimulation from all your senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. You may never get 8 hours sleep again!

6. Less than one in a hundred couples planning divorce seek advice. Of those that do, the underlying sexual or relationship problem that has got them there has often been a problem for more than 5 years and may be too deeply embedded to be resolved. It’s strange; if we break a bone, we are rarely prepared to wait more than 5 minutes to seek help. What’s the difference?

7. Entering a new relationship often puts a man on the spot. He may feel that he is expected to be erect and ready to fire in an instant. He must be allowed to run things his own way. A real man is not someone who feels he must live up to other people’s standards and expectations. The real man knows who he is and goes after what he wants and needs, even if some of these are not on Rambo’s “must do” list.

8. The single most important thing you can do to have better sex or to resolve a sexual difficulty is to be really honest with yourself and identify what it is that you want and need. These are then communicated to your partner to make sure they are received (consistent with not subverting your partner’s needs). You are what you are and your partner will probably really appreciate your honesty.

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This article was brought to you by Relish and Mary Clegg
Maryclegg.com and Beecourse.com are 2 websites designed to help with people’s general lack of sexual knowledge. The stressful effect of this is heightened by the sexual taboos in society. Both sites provide access to sexual material in a tasteful and helpful manner. With several years now as a guru to the sexual world, Mary can be contacted on Tel+44 (0)1264 358853 email: office@maryclegg.com.