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Testimonials for Relish PeopleI have to say our session really did help me sort things out in my head regarding my ex, enabling me to find a wonderful guy too, he actually used to work at my company. I didn’t know him when he was here but I went for a drink with him and some colleagues after he left and the rest is history as they say. A few months in and everything is going well, and long may it continue.
Melissa - Surrey

Wendy, thank you so much for our sessions I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped me not only on work front but also in my personal life. It really helped me sort things out in my mind about taking a new job and deciding what I wanted on a personal note – I’m pleased to say things are going great in both aspects of my life.
Melissa - Surrey

Hello Wendy, I hope you are well and that you still remember me. I am quite happy to let you know that I have recently started a training as Wedding Planner. I took a bit of time before asking for any apprenticeship around but its requirements do match with mine. I am still working full time for the current company and can only use my Saturdays for training and am glad. It was really good the session I had with you. I am much more positive now. Thank you very much for your help and assistance. Take care.
Floriana – Surrey

I first met Wendy as a referral when the company I worked for declared a number of staff surplus and I was offered voluntary redundancy. This was a difficult time for me but after a couple of meetings with Wendy she helped me see the bigger picture and gave me the confidence in myself to seek a new career. I have no doubt that without her follow-up support and having access to Steve who gave me excellent coaching particularly in interviewing techniques, I would not be in the current position of not only being able to move on but also of starting an exciting new job with excellent prospects. Many thanks Wendy and Steve I will keep in contact.
Kevin - Bucks

Hi Steve, I’d been meaning to give you an update for a while now. I can’t believe 6 months have gone past. Having met you for a one-off briefing/session I immediately made progress in solving some of the areas that I was having difficulty with just by being able to re-frame them and approach with a different perspective. This allowed me to then focus on the things that I was in control of and could influence and let go of the other stuff. I found your coaching style was both very professional and insightful whilst at the same time very relaxed. I’ve taken away some really useful tools, for example around the outcomes thinking, which have changed the way I plan and carry out work day to day. I feel a lot happier in my work as I know when the pressures on what the priorities are, and also able to be clear when they’re mine or someone else’s priorities. I can have an internal dialogue about this and be clear about motivation and what I'm doing it for.

There’s still stuff to do though so aware there’s more potential here. I think my team feel more confident having a manager that is clearer thinking and communicating with them and coaching them to some extent. This means that I’m able to delegate with confidence and they’re empowered to take stuff on. My manager’s noticed too, which can mean more delegated my way but good for professional development. Following the problems I was having in my team I was also asked to do an independent investigation on a complicated grievance in another service which was kind of on the back of being a manager ‘of experience’ so that was interesting and again a learning point. I’m not sure what the future holds in terms of my role at the moment as the organisation goes through another ‘transformation’, but I do know that whatever happens I feel confident to prepare and deal with the changes…. and if not I know where to come. Thanks.
Mike - Berkshire

Two real reasons we chose to work with Relish; initially there was an existing relationship with a director here from a previous life and I think he was happy/comfortable to use someone he already knew but the reason we used Relish a second time was because during the first away day staff responded so positively to the tasks and, importantly, to the presenter.

The benefit to us (from using PRIZM) was the chance to look at a problem from every possible angle, taking time to do it and having a completely indirect approach so that outcomes were relatively unique and could not be predicted. We have identified one key solution that can be used moving forward and this will be put into another internal workshop to decide how it can be implemented across ACTIVE. Unfortunately we have not actually implemented anything yet so there is no direct return yet although it will enable us to implement change easier because everyone will have had a say in how it should be done.
Christian – Hampshire

We work with Relish due to their personal touch. The team really get to know you and your business and as a result deliver in a way that feels like they are part of the team. They have allowed us to manage the peaks and troughs of our work flow, often stepping in with unexpected but vital skills just when we needed them.
Paul – Surrey

Having spent some time with Wendy going through my work values it has highlighted what I need to change within my business or order to achieve my overall goals. Wendy has been extremely construction, helpful and understanding and given me a clear direction to work towards.
Natasha - Hampshire

One of the things I realised through working with you is that I work best when focused on achieving short term goals.  I've been using this to my advantage and focusing on making small changes to my life and work one at a time.  This helps give me a sense of purpose and a sense of achievement. In short, things are pootling along very well indeed.  I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance. I'll keep you updated on things over the next few months.  I feel I'll stay on track though.
Best wishes, Emma from Hampshire

Hi Wendy: Got back safe, sound and tired :-)  Have to say that initial impressions are very positive.  I feel somewhat liberated, and optimistic, which is a significant change (and improvement).  I also don't seem to be so bothered by some of what used to be pet peeves, so my perspective seems to have returned. I am paying more attention to that voice in my head, which is interesting.  I know I have some way to go, but my expectations are that I can now capitalise on the breakthrough and continue to develop. Thank you very much for your skill, time and expertise.  This looks like the biggest, most fundamental and positive change in my life ever!
All the best for now, Giles from Devon

If you cannot see the wood for the trees, then Wendy is the lady you need to speak to. She is very easy to talk to and her comments are always straight forward, practical and to the point. She is a real people person.
David from Hampshire

Thank you Wendy for all that you have done you are a true blessing. Every week I used to stare at the email stating the available appointments for Life Coaching sessions wondering if I was a worthy cause enough to value these sessions or would I just be considered a waste of time, typical low self esteem qualities. Since I have seen you my life has completely turned around for the better and now it seems that all the good things are happening to me instead of to someone else like in the past.
Alex from Hampshire

Hello Wendy,
Just had to send you a little note to say how lovely you are.  You always make me feel so good when I see you, always that smiley face to greet people.  My friend said what a lovely lady you were and that you bring such calmness when you talk. Thank you.
Luv Linda from Hampshire

Hi Wendy,
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience working with you. I was so impressed with your dedication and professionalism and how this has changed my life. I knew the time was right to make the commitment to change, and you helped me to turn this around with your life coaching experience. You should be very proud of your achievements and the ability to make a difference to people's lives.  I cannot begin to relate to the satisfaction you must get from the final results knowing your job is done, seeing faces change, pain removed, and attitudes must tell it all. I am now fully committed to continue with this good work, and look forward to the many doors that will open and opportunities to fulfill my life. Once again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, and all the very best for the future in your business and what life has to bring for you too.
Fondest wishes, Val from Hampshire

My dear Wendy
Well, you have certainly pulled me out of my stagnant pond, for which I am so grateful! The candles are lit, the flowers in vases, the garden is almost back to what it should be, played golf both days this weekend, and am so up-beat. I must say though, the day after I saw you for the last time was really a downer for me – whether it was because I was not going to see you again, or the realisation that I was now on my own and it was all up to me, I am not sure, but I managed to shrug the feeling off by the next day and it is now onwards and upwards.  Not too sure where all this will lead me, but at least I am out of that awful pond. Thank you for your concern, you are a very special person.
Best wishes Gill xxx from Hampshire

Following a few life coach sessions with Wendy nothing in my life has changed - I have the same job, home, family, friends, & I have the same day-to-day issues to deal with, but... and it is a big but.. every thing about the way I perceive and interact with these things HAS changed. The biggest change is that I now value and respect myself, my needs, and who I am. Work-life balance doesn't mean I'm working 9 to 5 but it does mean I don't beat myself up for taking a day off work when I've spent the last 3 evenings on conference calls to 11pm.

Your life doesn't change over night - gradually you see the shift in your own behaviour - gradually you see that you are starting to swim not drown under a huge sea of pressure and demands. You start to let go of the things that are holding you back - maybe it's a little thing like chucking out the clothes that have been hanging in the wardrobe for 10 years unused. Maybe it is something bigger like recognising and accepting that the relationship really is over & that if you are honest he/she was pretty boring anyway & that actually you really wouldn't want them back if they came back and begged. Probably the biggest change is about putting yourself back in the driving seat - taking back the controls & realising you can steer this baby in whatever direction you want to go - Thank you Wendy!"
Karen from Surrey

Hi Wendy, many thanks for helping me work through my "not good enough". I took your advice to have a restful evening and continued it by spending yesterday doing 2 yoga sessions and a Pilates session - I didn't open the computer, which is why my thanks have been delayed. You have very special skills and talents for enabling people to learn things they did not know existed.  I am able to associate emotionally with the idea that I played no part in Charlie deciding to ignore me, as well as intellectually. Thank you again for your generous help and your continued friendship.
Rosemary from Berkshire

Wendy, I can’t thank you enough for fixing my height phobia!  It wasn’t until I found myself actually on the London Eye during a recent family day trip to London that I realised I hadn’t given even one single thought to the whole height issue (or lack of it) during the 20 minutes we queued for the attraction.  I was way up high enjoying the view when I suddenly thought, ‘wow – look where I am’.  You really, really work!
Heather from Hampshire.

Hello my special, leg fixing, body revitalizing, psychotherapist! Leg is feeling good and I'm playing great rugby at the moment so everything seems to be on the up. My wife is being nice to me and I'm going to ask about a pay rise at the end of the week, I think I deserve it!!! Talk soon.
Paul from Surrey

This time after my visit to you I have the most amazing feeling of calm around me. I have finally been able to say good bye to that special lady after all these years since she died and I have no need to do anything more. I have written to my new daughter in law and hope that we can start a relationship now.
Anon from Surrey

Hi Wendy, just wanted to again say thanks for helping me make my life better. I've been offered a position within the company of the man you put me in touch with and I feel there is something else planned for me there. Kind regards
Anon from Essex

I have spent many years working to live wisely and along the way I found many tools to help me.  Life coaching was never really anything that appealed to me. I guess I was a bit skeptical.  I can't really remember how I ended up deciding to take a series of life coaching sessions but I did. Wendy took me through a series of exercises. The exercises didn't seem to require me to think things through or reach a rational decision and as that's my preferred style I was dubious about the outcome. All I can say is the short series of sessions we had have helped me to take a different approach to life. It's not that I was unhappy before it's just that I live a richer life now.  I seem more able to reap the reward of all my hard work. I cannot explain the process but I would recommend it to anyone else wanting to improve their life experience. I worked with Wendy over a couple of months and having started as someone with a strongly negative self-image and little confidence that I could achieve any of what I wanted to, the person who emerged was one who was so changed for the better that even colleagues remarked on it. I'll forever be indebted to Wendy for her thoughtful, insightful approach and although she always insisted that it was me who made the changes in myself, I know I couldn't have done it without her.
Andy from Berkshire

Just a note to say thank you for your support and help over the last few weeks. I feel very proud of myself! Will let you know how the new job goes.
Anna from Hampshire

Wendy is fantastic at what she does.  She's a great coach, offering encouragement and support in so many different ways.  Wendy is fun, is caring, firm when required; and totally focused on getting you to where you want to be.   I know I always get results when I work with her.
Karen from Hampshire

I’m not surprised exactly about how great it’s all become, but I am having to get used to a new facet of my life. I have so much that I suddenly want to do, energy work, learn to paint, try channeling, learn, learn, learn. I don't/didn't, move in circles where the L word is bandied about, but the last few months have taught me a lot about love in its various forms and I am more happy to use it in a considered way. Love and best wishes
Mark from Essex

Wendy, can I thank you for sorting me out. I really do feel that my thoughts are a lot clearer now and that I am ready to take on some new challenges. Look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Jeremy from Surrey

This very special lady has given me back my hope, my dreams, my desire. How? She understands people and can see the good in all. She helped me realise that I do have the potential to be whatever I wanted to be and she help me focus on ME! In the space of 2 sessions she knew me inside out. I hope I can call Wendy a friend because she will always be in my heart. Thank you for being you Wendy.
Martin from Essex

Paul McKenna tried to change my life in 7 days but I never got past day 2 but you have changed my life in 4 short sessions! I cannot thank you enough for what you have helped me to achieve. I still don’t really understand exactly how you did it but as far as I am concerned you are my Wonder Woman! I feel so much more confident and robust when dealing with people both in my personal and work life. As you said to me I will start noticing things in terms of peoples’ reactions and the way I feel in certain situations. I have already raised a few eyebrows in my household and the interesting thing is that it is not ‘deliberate’ or ‘contrived’, it’s just the ‘new me’ which is enabling me to maximise my own personal value and give more to people in general and my family in particular.
As far as I am concerned, you are the “world’s best kept secret and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who would like to fulfil their personal potential. My journey towards this has now truly begun.
Thank you Jeff from Surrey

Thank you for the superb evening on Wednesday. It was great to see you again and to get to meet Kim. I learned a great deal about myself from the presentation and also some of your points made me think.
Chris from Kent

I love the website. Relish has one of the most down to earth coaching offerings I’ve seen for ages – no outlandish promises, no quick and painless fixes promised, whilst addressing the resistance that sometimes comes with change. You seem to keep it all in the ‘possible’!
Tony from Hertford

Hi Wendy; First and foremost thank you, already I have felt an improvement in my emotional well being. The anxiety, nervousness and feeling of dread and fear is a lot less. I actually felt a lot happier and relaxed this morning, and was far more chilled with my daughter this morning. Great thanks! I don't understand how the NLP works, but I now have hope of putting all my past issues firmly behind me and moving forward to a better a brighter future.
Anon from London

Thank you so much for all you the work you and Kim so brilliantly put in on Thursday at The Get With Project. I thought the Confidence and Motivation day was incredibly successful and got the young people thinking as you intended. I am so impressed with the questions the young people came up with and how they concentrated for so long. Thank you again so much and we would love to promote you at our exhibition which is taking place on 24th August.
Hart Neighbourhood Centre, Hook, Hampshire

Thanks Relish for the great advice at the careers event – I’m moving from being an accountant to being an Acoustic Engineer! I never would have had the courage (or initiative) to do it without you.
Angela from Berkshire

Relish your lifestyle and wellbeing! You gave me the courage to press on, and the insight to see this was a real chance for me to make a difference to my life.
Karen from Hampshire

What can I say about Wendy? She’s calm. Sees right to the heart of an issue … and the heart of the issue is not what you think it is! She delves and probes and challenges. For one such as me, it was a challenge at times, facing up to and releasing long held learned behaviour. But, wow was it the right thing to do! I say go see her now, while you have made up your mind to sort it out. It’s too important for you to put it off till tomorrow. This woman will change the way you see yourself. Trust me.'
Mark from Scotland

Hi Wendy, thanks for your email, I really do feel great. It really feels that we have conquered the problem and nothing is holding me back now. Everything really kicked in a few hours after meeting you on Monday and we had a great momentum session. My colleague and wife are both keen to come and see you now so I have given them your details. Thanks again for your help, it was really good and easy.
Anon from Middlesex

Just thought I would give you some news. I have been given the job I wanted today so I am now a good rung up the ladder. There is a probation period of course so I will be doing my best to impress but it is definitely a situation I would not have found myself in without your support. Thanks once again for all your help, I cannot tell you what a difference it has made. Wendy, you are definitely a star!
Jen from Sussex

I've just finished half an hour of music practice, following up on the 15 minutes or so I did yesterday. That's probably the first time I've played on two successive days since 1987! Ronnie Scott's here I come. Who'd have thought that a rainy evening looking at what I really want Inn could have such an impact?
Pat from Berkshire

I've been at work, trying to keep up the motivation to get through the weekly spreadsheets! I drew out the wheel, and put in the usual categories that we had done. On the work front, I still feel at a 3. I think that any major change takes time, but I'm trying to find ways to keep motivated in the meantime!! I did spend a minute visualising being at the front of a classroom, and that helps to calm my thoughts! Anyway, thank you for all of your time and support these past few weeks. It's certainly helped to identify areas of my life, and action plans to get things going.
Sharon from Hampshire

I was putting off doing what I believed to be a tricky task but after just a brief introduction to Relish and a chat with Wendy, they sparked me into action! Their warmth and lively approach really inspired me and ‘unstuck’ my thought processes so I no longer saw my task as tricky but an enjoyable challenge. Thanks very much for the session you did.
Gill from Surrey

Wendy, as an NLP master, I felt I should be able to sort out my issue by myself but was finding it impossible. After an hour and a half of your intuitive facilitation everything feels different. I followed most of what we did together, particularly the didactic bits but quite how you managed to achieve the major shift I wish I knew! Modelling excellence is what NLP is all about. The opportunity to watch you work has been a pleasure, Thank you.
Heather Trainer and Coach from West Sussex

Wendy, I have to thank you for taking away my phobia. The work we did was fun and we had some laughs along the way but I'm not sure at what point I stopped feeling fear, and that's the really magical part.
Charlotte from Hampshire

I see Wendy as my personal battery charger and when I am running low I ring her and come away revitalised and raring to go. Do yourself a favour and ring her today.
Richard from Devon

The energy I got from the 'Relish' session has really helped this week. I have been prompted into action and I've had meetings with two existing clients who have asked me to do even more work for them, which I'm really looking forward to! Thanks.
Jerry from Wiltshire

I have got to know Wendy over the last couple of months and I can honestly say that she is an amazing listener and genuinely cares about people. On top of that she is extremely professional and knowledgeable.
Chris from Hampshire

Dear Wendy - Merry Christmas
Just a quick note to let you know that everything is going really well for me back in Oz. I say my affirmations everyday and I feel so strong and positive about being here and my future here. I have done really well with all my interviews for a nanny. And was able to negotiate for extras that nannies don't usually get out here. . . car and really good money! I went into the interviews with such a positive attitude. I start mid-Jan and am spending my time catching up with family and friends. Thank you so so much for all your help. What you have done for me has been amazing! Well this is short and sweet but will write a longer email in the New Year with more of what has been happening! Have a great Christmas.
Love Loni from Australia

Just wanted to quickly say thanks so much Kim for a great session yesterday. I hope you were aware that everyone was saying it was a shame that it didn't go on for longer. I’m really interested in what Relish is doing, hope to talk to you and Wendy again.
Karen from Surrey

I met Wendy through the local business meeting. She is always professional, fun and will light up any room. She is great to talk with and is brilliant at what she does. I am glad that Wendy plays a part somewhere in my life.
Michelle from Avon