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Focused Life Design

Are you really happy?
Are all your relationships working?
Is your health and esteem where you need it to be?
Do you understand why you are stuck where you are?

Are you ready to make a change in your life?

Life DesignAt Relish, we believe that male or female, everything we do has a positive intent behind it on some level and we are all doing the best we can at any one point in time.

When you realise that what you are currently doing is no longer helping you lead the life you want to be leading, it sometimes helps to have someone objective to talk to outside of your normal social/work circle.  At Relish that is what we do!

We listen to what people are saying and hear what they are not saying, in order to help them deal with issue areas in their life ranging from Self Esteem to Limiting Beliefs and Goal Achievement.

Life is short and is all about experience, you will have developed your own way of dealing with it and everything it throws at yo, which is good. Experience comes from knowing the highs vs lows, the good vs the bad, happy vs sad, great relationships vs crap ones … how can you ever appreciate the great stuff if you don’t know what the bad stuff feels, looks or sounds like?

So, the important thing for YOU is...
Learning how to deal with all these experiences. Figure out what is right for you to enable you to manage your ride whilst getting the most out of it!

This is where Relish comes in

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As a result of a free one hour consultation we will idenitfy the issues you are REALLY facing so you can make an informed choice on your options to move forward if you still want to.

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"Thank you for all of your time and support these past few weeks. It's certainly helped to identify areas of my life, and action plans to get things going."

You have 2 choices about how you live your life:

1. To take responsibility for yourself and be in charge of what you get.
2. To let things happen to you and accept what you get.

We are passionate about people and life - Come and work with us and understand what it is like to have some REAL attention! Click here to contact us.