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Limiting Beliefs – They Are Out There Alright!!!

Limiting beliefsWhat is a Belief? It is a principal accepted as true or real without any proof – an opinion – a conviction:

Our beliefs about ourselves, and the world, are like a steering wheel that stops us going in certain directions and keeps us going in others. If you’re not sure what your beliefs are, just look at the circumstances of your life. Whatever results have been showing up in your life over a period of time are a pretty accurate reflection of your beliefs about yourself & the world you live in.

Beliefs are developed in a number of ways: They start in childhood and we take them from other people, from observing the experiences of others, & from drawing conclusions from everything we learn, experience & “know”. Our beliefs help us get a sense of stability in a chaotic environment – this is a good thing. It allows us to have a sense of security & certainty, which can help us operate on a day-to-day basis. This sense of certainty that beliefs give us is so comforting, that we often fail to remember a very important fact:

Our beliefs are not always true.

Limiting Beliefs PodcastWe can all look at the same situation and take a different view of it because that is how humans work - ‘The map is not the territory’ as it were. Our beliefs create part of our own mental map about ourselves, other people, & the world we inhabit. We do not question these beliefs, they become automatic. SO – what if you did question the ones that no longer serve you?

The most important opinion that a person has is about themselves. This is generally set by age 12. Self-image is a collection of all the lifetimes’ attitudes, and opinions from others. It creates the belief of who/what we are.

The unconscious mind does not evaluate or judge and can not deal with a negative. Everything is filtered through your perceptions – you see what you expect and ignore the rest. So, what you expect will happen, you will always find the evidence to support what you believe …right or wrong.

Negative/limiting beliefs hold us back and prevent us moving forward. Generally they are not going to be resolved by pure positive thinking, so if affirmations are not working look into what the limiting belief could be? The human brain will always try to find an answer to questions posed regardless of what they are.

Questions are used to fact find, seek opinion, gather information, request consent, interrogate. Who, what, when, how, did, is, can, have, will, has, are, do ….. Be challenging with yourself and gentle. The first answer may not be the full story.

Try these for starters:
What do you really want?
What are you tolerating?
What does it mean to be a good friend/parent/spouse?
What motivates you?

Write your thoughts down and then do something to move yourself forward. If you can’t do it on your own, ask for some help …. There is never a wrong answer, we are all individuals and have all our own answers within.

What happens when you want to make a change?

Some of our beliefs are positive & empowering, other beliefs are limiting. They will all have been useful at some point in time, and the ones that are limiting can be thought of as ‘out of date’. Beliefs are part of our mental software, and as such, it’s important to keep them up to date. The process for keeping beliefs up to date is as follows:

a) Identify limiting beliefs
b) Re-connect with ‘reality’
c) Create new, empowering beliefs to replace them

There are many techniques to move through this process, & we all have the ability to change our beliefs keeping in mind that we have to stay true to our own morals and ethics.

What will you gain from letting go of your limiting beliefs? Identifying them is a great start.

This is where Relish comes in

As a result of a free one hour consultation we will idenitfy the issues you are REALLY facing so you can make an informed choice on your options to move forward if you still want to.

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