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Goals, Achievement, Motivation & Success

We Get What We Focus On!
The unconscious mind is very literal and is sort of like a small child wanting to please you. It is the part of you that keeps you safe, makes you blink when there is dust in the air, keeps you breathing when you sleep – it works very hard for you all the time and will always work to get you what it thinks you want, that thing that you think about most good or bad.

Our motivation strategy will determine how we work to get what we want (success) and also how we work to sabotage our attempts sometimes!

Set yourself a dream and put a date on it!

Write down everything that you want from your life, who you would like to be, anything you would like to achieve, anything you would like to own, characteristics that you would like to show ….. What if there were no limits?

Ask yourself why each is important to you?

Will these things make you happier, improve your health/relationships/finances, and bring you peace?

Once you have done this you are on the way to a better life already. Things that we write down stand a better chance of happening, if you want to take that even further ask for some help … Do more than just cherish your prospects!

It’s all about you this time around: Performance = Potential - Interference

What will you gain from fulfilling your true potential?

This is where Relish comes in

As a result of a free one hour consultation we will idenitfy the issues you are REALLY facing so you can make an informed choice on your options to move forward if you still want to.

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