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Steve Colegate

Steve ColegateSteve started his business life as a trainee accountant but soon dropped the calculator in favour of an electronic test kit. His enthusiasm for building and fixing telecommunications equipment led him into a career in management where he continued to build and fix, but this time it was teams and organisations.

He’s a real techie at heart and set about learning the mechanics of management in which he enjoyed reasonable success, but it wasn’t until he overcame his scepticism and added soft skills and NLP to his portfolio that both his confidence and ability to deliver really came into its own.

Steve is an INLPTA qualified NLP Trainer and coach. He has incredibly high professional standards and went out on his own in 2004 when he set up New Leaf Coaching. He worked as an executive coach and associate trainer during his time at the helm and when he met Relish in 2007, it was obvious that there was to be a further shift for Steve on the business front!

Steve’s real passion is working with individuals and teams to help them realise and release their full potential. He has an easy and fun loving style which hides a steely determination to ensure that his clients achieve their outcomes. It is this commitment to helping others succeed that has attracted clients from some of the most recognised brands in the UK today for both his coaching and leadership training.

Steve is a consumate networker and runs a business networking club called Duffnuts in Reading, Berkshire. He is a regular on BBC Radio Berkshire as both a coach and commentator on news and current affairs. In his spare time he is keen on keeping fit and has a passion for his bike (mountain at the moment although he would be on a motor bike if he was allowed one!) and squash but as he lives in a house of women (2 daughters and a partner) and works with 2 more now … he actually doesn’t get much spare time these days.

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