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Kim Searle

Kim Searle co-founder of Relish!Hi! My name is Kim and I have had many years of experience helping people through tough times both formally and informally, as my speciality is listening.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Business coach I work with many of the typical issues you would expect, but in particular I love working with people who are experiencing Confidence, Stress and/or Anxiety issues, and watching them change as I do. For me, these particular issues are invasive, and left unchecked, can potentially become debilitating in everyday life, holding us back, causing poor health, dragging us down.

When life throws us a curve ball when we least expect it, most of us can handle it with relative ease. It only becomes a problem when it is combined with a succession of other events, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, a bit like a full glass of water, where one more drop and the water flows over. 

Within just a few sessions, I aim to help my clients begin to notice a positive difference, and for some clients, that change is enough. For others, they progress onto coaching, allowing them to move their lives on the way they want.

I work with people on a one to one basis, run workshops and training, as well as giving talks on how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help, which keeps me busy.

Personal time I love dancing, writing and reading and being by the sea, or when that is not possible, found in a coffee shop chatting.

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