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Wendy Makepeace-Browne

Wendy Makepeace-BrowneWendy’s background has always been in corporate operations management. She set up her own business in March 2002 doing private project management offering organisational help to people with busy lives and ‘fell’ into Life Coaching after going on a course for her own personal development. Having learned the processes and theory of coaching she quickly realised that she had been Life Coaching on an informal basis for many years and felt immediately that she had something to offer others on a more professional basis, so, added coaching as another offering to her current business.

Since achieving her initial coaching qualification, she has done more accreditation work in this area, and has become a Master Practitioner of Eriksonian Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), she is a firm believer that in this profession the learning never stops – each day brings new experience which sounds airy fairy, however, she says she learns more about herself every time she meets someone new – when you meet her let her introduce you to the theory of “Perception & Projection” if you are not already familiar with it and THEN you will understand!

Wendy’s aim is to help people achieve their desired outcome. She has a wide circle of social and business contacts, likes to laugh (a lot), and is a real believer in people’s ability to do and be whatever they want to. If you like to feel good about yourself mix with her!

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