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Why would I want to come on a Relish Programme?

Relish have a core set of programmes that are designed to challenge and motivate helping you to move forward in a positive and practical way. We help you to improve the areas of your life that are important to you – to “make everyday count”.

CogsHow do you do that?
Each programme includes really useful tools and techniques that, during the course, will make you think and feel differently about where you are now, and after the course, can be used to keep you going!

What choices are there?

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Creating personal success
This is a 2 day event to help you really take time out to analyse and review where you are today, what you like and what you are just putting up with. If you have ever wondered “what it would be like to…” then this is for you!

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Understanding yourself
A one day programme designed to look more closely at your ‘purpose’ in life, why are you here, what do you want, covering Emotional Intelligence. If you have ever asked yourself “what it is all about?” then this is for you!

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Building stronger relationships
A one day programme that helps you understand more about how you communicate with others, and gain a greater insight into how others operate. If you have ever had problems with someone who you just didn’t “get”, then this is the day for you!

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Becoming more confident
This is a powerful one day programme for anyone who has doubted themselves whether at work or in a social environment. Come along and find out how you can adopt some simple tools and techniques that will make the difference!

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Investing in yourself
This is an incredible one day programme which introduces you to a Simple way of looking after yourself physically and mentally. A practical day looking at nutrition, exercise and well being.

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So, what are you waiting for?
Contact us on enquire@relishpeople.co.uk for more information.